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First post: My studies about programming and how computers work

Important! This is my first english post in the internet (and also first in TabNews)

Which means I ask you to feel free and correct my english in the comments. This post was 100% made without a translator, and I'm still evolving the language.

Why am I here?

Almost two years ago, I was trying to learn programming by myself. Then, because of the difficulty, I searched for a course or training, and started one in Web Development, learning the basics about Javascript, Browser interaction with HTML, CSS and JS, API's, Front/Back-End and other strange terms of programming, CLI interaction, Databases, Frameworks like React, NestJS, Express, and so on. This is a long story that took another 1 year, but the thing is that I learned how to use some of the most popular techs and tools in Web Dev, and started to know what programming actually is, while also being more curious about why I am doing this, except for the job.

The programming courses

If you are doing a programming course, any of them, expect to be with more questions than answers at the end. IF you follow all the course and not demand extra time to understand why you are there. In my case, the course that I took gave me the necessary tools that I wouldn't find by myself, to start learning about everything.

The real beginning

After the course, I decided to follow a simple path that should clear my mind about all the recursive questions: Learn C. Why? C is the base of a lot of systems and tools, like Operational Systems, compilers and interpreters, packages, text/code editors, other languages like python. Its syntax and mechanics were atracting me because they manage the system operations in a lower level than others languages like Javascript do. But then I was stuck, with no idea of what I could do to begin programming C. I was in need of something closer to my OS.

Important! This content creator is amazing :)

I wanted to understand the fundamentals, so I was watching a Youtuber named Fábio Akita. His content is one in a thousand, speaking of teaching about computing fundamentals, so I'm sharing this with you. He's Brazillian, but he has a blog portal named Akita On Rails, with content both in english and portuguese, all about or related to tech. He's been my motivation to search the hard way of understanding things.

The Linux way

I was curious about linux even before doing that programming course, again because of Fábio Akita. So this time I decided to start venturing through linux. My first task was to install a linux distro in a Virtual Machine (I used VirtualBox), and I choosed Arch Linux, because the 'Do it yourself' mantra. I want to take control over my system to solve problems with quality, knowing 100% about the process, so I took 2 failed attempts, and got 1 successful operating system in my VM. More than 10 days of wiki search, guides and partition/boot errors (Remember, the hard way, always. No easy guides or videos)

I choosed to use i3 as my main os environment, and was not worried about doing everything through a GUI. Then my hands touched in another fundamental Linux element: CLI with Bash.



Opa, Buraio! Você deve ter percebido que a sua publicação está negativada e talvez não esteja entendendo o porquê.

Bom, a comunidade do TabNews está acostumada a ler conteúdos em português porque o TabNews, pelo menos inicialmente, foi feito para trazer bons conteúdos de tecnologia em português para a comunidade brasileira (você pode ler este comentário do Filipe).

Então, até mesmo para evitar ser mais negativado, o que acha de apagar o post e publicar conteúdos em português? Se ainda sim quiser praticar o inglês, eu recomendaria sites como reddit e dev.to para publicar essess conteúdos, já que lá o inglês é mais comum.

No mais, boa sorte nos seus estudos e aproveite o TabNews!


Muito obrigado pelo aviso. Não havia me informado sobre o idioma das publicações, então irei adequar o conteúdo para o português logo logo ✌️